September 21st & 22nd, 2013


Celebrating 25 years of Boomerang-the-Buzzard EDITED



The theme of Dayton Valley Days 2013 is – ”Silver Tales, Trails & Rails”!

In 1861, when the U.S. Congress created the Nevada Territory, they created and named Lyon County — one of the first of nine counties in the Nevada Territory.

Dayton was named the county seat not long after and soon became the milling, agricultural and commercial hub for the Comstock gold and silver rush that led to Nevada’s statehood in 1864.After all, it was Nevada’s first discovery of gold in 1849 at the mouth of Gold Canyon — where Dayton’s roots began — that led the way to the ’Big Bonanza’ mining boom on the Comstock.

Another factor of Dayton’s prosperity was the proximity to a large water source. The Carson River was — and still is — the lifeblood running through the Dayton Valley. The river made living in the high desert possible by providing water for the farmers and ranchers, gold and silver ore processors (stamp mills) and people living and working in and around the valley.

Dayton Valley Days is a celebration of our history here in Nevada and we welcome you to visit and celebrate with us on September 21st & 22nd, 2013!

The Dayton Valley Days Committee is looking for Community and/or Youth Groups to assist with the planning and running of the event.