If you have any questions related to booth space, requirements, etc. please call 775-301-9567


Non-Profit $50

Crafter’s $70

Commercial $90

Political Party / Candidate $100

Food $100

FOOD VENDORS:  All food vendors – including those handing out samples – must submit a copy of their “Temporary Food Establishment Application for Special Event” with their application (even if you have a current one for your permanent business). If you do not have a state health permit specific to Dayton Valley Days 2019 your booth will be CLOSED by the health inspector.  In addition to the health permit, we also require a detailed list of food items and prices be submitted, as well.

Department of Health and Human Services, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health :  775*687*7533

NOTE:  Vendor Application Packages can also be picked up at “Antique Mall” located at 10104 Hwy 50 East – Moundhouse, NV

Last day to turn in your vendor application is Tuesday,  September 1, 2019.

Vendor application Package 2019